The Piglet’s Journey - From Farrowing to Weaning – Third webinar: The Newborn Pig

8. juni 2022 piglet

If you want to know more about what to do to keep the piglet alive the first days after farrowing, you should listen closely to the speakers at this webinar. There are many things you as an employee in the farrow sec-tion can do, to help the piglet survive, if you know what is most important for the piglet.

After the webinar you will know:

  • How to ensure heat for the newborn piglet
  • The importance of getting colostrum for the piglet’s survival
  • How your behavior influence on the lactation and the piglets suckling
  • How to litter equalisate.

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10. june 14.00-15.00 - The Piglet’s Journey - From Farrowing to Weaning -
Fourth webinar: The Farrowing stables – Hernia, Sepsis and hygiene